Can emotional stress cause night sweats? – Let us see if it is true!

Can emotional stress cause night sweats?

Can emotional stress cause night sweats? – Let us see if it is true!

Night sweats! Well, it is not an uncommon thing among us. It can be very irritating and very uncomfortable. It is not something that takes place only to one in a million. But should you worry about it? It depends on what might be causing night sweats. Without a doubt, night sweats are irritating. They disturb your sleep, and you end up waking grumpy. However, your night sweats can occur due to many reasons. Some of the most common, harmless reasons are what you ate before going to bed or how many blankets you use. Sometimes, in summer, if you wear cozy clothes, you might end up sweating in the night too. But can emotional stress cause night sweats?

Emotional stress is a state that causes a lot of other side effects. Therefore, we are going to see if emotional stress can be a reason for night sweats. 

While most of the reasons that cause night sweats are not serious, there can be an issue if you keep getting them regularly. Night sweats, once in a way, can be because of what you are wearing at night. It can also be because of what you are covering yourself with. Or it may even be because of what you had for dinner. But if night sweats occur in regular intervals and regular episodes, that can be an indication of a medical condition. If you are waking up soaked in sweat regularly, you will have to analyze if emotional stress is causing it. 

Before discussing can emotional stress cause night sweats let us dig up what is emotional stress!

Stress can come in many forms. It is a natural reaction to the daily pressures of life. Stress can be physical, emotional, psychological, and even external. Out of these types, emotional stress can be a little hard to cope up with. The reason for this is, unlike any other type of stress, emotional stress is hard to recognize because there is no physical evidence. Only the person undergoing it will know the level of emotional stress.

Emotional stress basically means that your emotions and feeling undergo stress. If you are a person whose going through this, the way to identify is that you always have negative emotions towards every situation. Can emotional stress cause night sweats?

Yes, it can. The thing with emotional stress is, even though it starts intangible, it can have physical side effects. And one is sweating at night. 

Worry, anger, sadness, and nervousness are some of the common emotional reactions in our everyday lives. These are not things to worry about. But if you feel like you cannot control these emotional reactions, it can end up in stress. And when that happens, it prevents you from doing what you ought to do. And if you end up going to bed knowing that you did not do what you ought to do, you end up sleeping under stress. This can show up in your physical body as cold night sweats or even disturbed sleep. 

What causes night sweats?

A lot of people worry about night sweats. A question that some of you commonly ask is, “why do I wake up drenched in sweat?” One of the first facets you should check is your room’s temperature. If it is not unusually hot, see if your nightwear is more than necessary. But the night sweats to worry about is when you sweat all of a sudden, drenching your sheets, pillow, and wake up in a hot flash. This kind of night sweats does not have any connection with the heated environment of your bedclothes. 


You will end up waking with your face and palms flushed, and if this continues to happen in regular intervals, you need to find the answer. If night sweats are repetitive, it can signal that your body is giving you that you need medical attention. What can cause night sweats? Below are some of the reasons.  



Did you know night sweats menopause was a thing? If you are nearing the time and age of menopause, do not be surprised if you have sweaty, hot flashes in the night. 



Night sweats are quite a common symptom in infections, especially Tuberculosis. Apart from that, inflammation of heart valves and even HIV infection also give night sweats. 


Hormonal Disorders

Carcinoid Syndrome and Hyperthyroidism are some of the hormonal disorders that make you sweat at night. 


Some medications

Some of the most common medications and drugs that cause night sweats are antidepressants. Medical drugs that you use to lower fever also can cause night sweats. 


What are the five emotional signs of stress? – Can emotional stress cause night sweats?


Stress in a person’s life, be it emotionally or physically, occurs due to pressure. When something is unbearable or uncontrollable, the situation goes out of hand, and this leads to stress. When stress levels go higher, the first facet that gets disturbed is your emotional control. Here are the five most common emotional signs of stress:


  • Anger, restlessness, and irritability 

People who are undergoing a lot of stress can have sudden angry outbursts. They are easily irritable, and they cannot settle down. If one is undergoing a lot of stress, you can possibly identify it by irrational outbursts of anger. 


  • Having problems with memory and concentration 

This is one of the first signals that you might be facing a lot of stress. When one is going through stress, their imbalance in emotions can cause them to forget easily. A stressed-out person will have a lot of emotions in a short span of time. Therefore, it is difficult for them to be in a constant mood and concentrate on a task. Anything and everything can distract them. 


  • Sleeping disorders 

A stressed-out person will either have a lot of trouble sleeping or sleep way too much. There are two kinds of people. There are ones who want to think about the pressure that is at hand, hence lose sleep. And then there are ones who sleep more than required to get away from whatever is stressing them. In both cases, you will end up resulting overall bad health because of sleeping disorders. Let’s not forget, these sleeping disorders have a lot to do with night sweats! 


  • Bad decision making

One of the signs that you might be undergoing a lot of stress is when you keep making bad decisions. Bad decisions are a result of not thinking through or not analyzing a situation properly. This again goes back to lack of concentration. When you are facing a lot of stress, it hinders you from analyzing a situation properly. 


  • Racing thoughts

Another main sign of stress is when you cannot control your thoughts. Your thoughts are not constant. You become vulnerable to racing thoughts. It also leads to mood swings. You can be extremely happy now and become an angry person in the next very second. The most insignificant incident can arise many thoughts in your head, and your mood can shift drastically. When going through a lot of stress, one cannot be consistent, almost in anything! 


When should I be concerned about night sweats?-



Are you waking up covered in sweats? Let us see when it is a concern. Most of the time, night sweats are harmless. If you are relatively healthy and have no pre-existing ailments, occasional night sweats can be a fever, chill, or weight loss even. But your body will always signal you if something is off. Even when night sweats occur because of stress, your body will tell you. Apart from night sweats, there will be many other symptoms or behavioral differences in your that will indicate you are stressed. 

Are night sweats serious?

They can be if you do not address it.

A good night sweats symptom checker can come in handy when you feel like it is more frequent. One of the ideal ways to track your night sweats is to monitor at what time of the night you get it and how long it lasts. If you can record the time spans in a notebook or even log it in your Notes on the phone, that would be helpful. Then, when you observe the patterns of your night sweats, you will know whether to see a doctor regarding it or not. Among what can cause night sweats, stress is prominent. If you are going through a lot of stress, you sweat more than usual, even during the day in your waking hours. 

What do night sweats indicate?

Night sweats can occur for several reasons. Night sweats when sick and night sweats alcohol correlation are some of the main reasons night sweats occur. Keep in your mind that night sweats generally indicate an imbalance in your body. Nonetheless, among the many reasons why nights sweats occur frequently, stress and anxiety are the first two reasons. As surprising as that may seem, night sweats are some of the major physical outcomes of stress. 

While there may be other physical ailments or conditions that cause night sweats, anxiety and stress are two main reasons. The reason for this is stress disturbs your mind. It makes you either sleep for too long or hardly sleep. Whatever the case may be, when your mind is not at peace, the first outcome is from your body. When stress hinders you from getting enough physical rest, your body starts to lose its potential. That is the beginning and a sign that you must take from night sweats. Can stress cause night sweats? It sure can. 

How to stop night sweats?

Night sweats can be extremely uncomfortable. Sudden outbursts of sweat can disturb your sleep, and you may wake up irritated. Sometimes these sweat episodes last through the night, and you end up waking up sweating in the morning. Whatever the case may be, the only way to stop or minimize night sweat episodes is to find out the underlying reason. If night sweats are constant, best you visit a doctor and explain to him what is happening. Diagnostic treatments will most likely base on physical ailments or conditions. However, you must remember to tell the doctor if something is disturbing your mind as well. 

Can anxiety cause night sweats?

Yes, it can.

So, tell your doctor if you are going through any issue so the doctor can address that as well. While it is easy to diagnose physical conditions, it is not easy to diagnose the state of mind. 


What is the most common cause of night sweats? 

There is no ‘most common reason as it can occur due to many reasons. If the doctor finds out that night sweats are because of a physical condition, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, antidepressants, and other medication that will help you with the situation. However, you can also minimize night sweats by reducing the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and illegal drugs. Another remedy for night sweats is to make your bedroom comfortable. Make it a peaceful place so even your mind can relax when you enter your bedroom. Always keep your room tidy and neat so that you can catch up on some good sleep. 

Final thoughts: Can emotional stress cause night sweats? Is it the only reason? 

Can stress and anxiety cause night sweats? Yes, it can. But it is not the only reason. Night sweats are irritating for many reasons. But when you act at the right time, you can eliminate it from your life. But if you keep ignoring night sweats, it could mean that an underlying medical condition is growing more serious. While there are common causes of night sweats such as menopause, or alcohol consumption, it could also mean that you are going through emotional stress. 

While you can be perfectly fine in your body, your mind can race through a million thoughts. How do we identify it? You can identify your state of mind by monitoring your behavior. You can do this by yourself too. If you are irritable for no relevant reason or cannot concentrate like before, these can be signs. Take the small signs that your body shows to identify stress, and you can eliminate night sweats from your life!